Code The City #16 – Air Quality

Datum: 8.06.2019
Zeit: 09: bis 17: Uhr
Ort: Aberdeen

How clean is Aberdeen’s air? Who knows. Just because the air is clear, it doesn’t mean that it is clean.

Join us on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June 2019 at Aberdeen University as we build new devices to add to our network of community-hosted Air Quality sensors; identfiy locations for future sensor deployment; gather data and build some tools to make sense of it; create an archive of historic weather data; predict changes, and create alerts.

The 2-day workshop event is organised by Code the City and partners including 57 North Hacklab, Aberdeen University and local community groups.

Tickets are available here.


In February we started to look at Aberdeen’s air quality. We built a dozen sensors which are now live and generating data. You can see these, and others that people have now built on this map. Our aim is to build the network to 50 by the end of June and 100 by the end of December.

The devices are based on the Luftdaten model and form part of a network of almost 26,000 already connected sensors world-wide. All generated data is made available as Open Data.

Workshop format

There will be a sensor-building session on each day.  In addition we will identify a number of challenges, agree which ones we will tackle, split into project groups and work on those. There will be breakfast and lunch provided on each day, and pizza for supper on Saturday. More details are available on the Eventbrite page.

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